Buğday = 180 $/ton   Ayçiçeği = 480 $/ton   Arpa = 126 $/ton  Mısır = 145 $/ton  Kepek =   A. Küspesi =   Altın = 1239 ons/$  Petrol = 53.22 varil/$  

Our company is in the Thrace region of Turkey's most important agricultural production center, which is 120 km away from the most important to the world's trading centers such as Istanbul.

import and export capabilities for 85% of the location of where we need production and distribution of seeds produced very quickly throughout the country and the import and export all over the world kolaydır.ülke our country is very high.

And our expert technical staff and sales team with team spirit in our country around the world are dealing with seed grain and feed raw materials trade.

For many years engaged in the seed industry experience of our company's technological and scientific infrastructure using industry- the expert and team spirit in the market working experience technical and sales our team in our country around the world seed grain and feed raw materials trade. years years için eş anlamlılar isim days, eld, long time 3 eş anlamlı kelime daha Ayrıca bkz. year's, year, years old, years ago, over the years, in recent years, many years, for years, a few years ago, two years, three years ago, for many years

We have received from all over the world are providing these products to the domestic market.

Wheat, barley, sunflower, cotton, beans, oats, we have been breeding and production of chickpea variety of products.